Who the Heck Is Aintnomonomo?

I was mormon for 30 years. What changed? I think Prop 8 was what got it good and started. I tried so hard to stand with the church, but I couldn’t do it. I know far too many people who are homosexual, and I love every damn one of ’em. To take away their rights to marry whomever they wanted just stuck in my craw.

And then one day my husband came from a trip and asked me if I knew that Joseph Smith had multiple wives. “Of course,” I said. “Everyone knows that.” But not everyone did/does. He also asked me if I knew how Parley P. Pratt had died. “Sure. He was a martyr.” Um, no. He was murdered by the husband of his last wife when the two of them went to pick up the kids. Boy, that’s an awkward sentence no matter what I try to do to it. The wife’s husband was fine writing her off, but he was not fine with her taking their kids. I do believe he was cheered when he killed Pratt.

And I kept reading and researching and the more I found out the less happy I was about it. And it wasn’t long before I realised the church was absolutely NOT what it proclaims to be. It’s funny–it was so easy for me to come to grips with that and leave. Not to say I haven’t ever been angry. Please. Read this blog and you’ll know from angry. But I don’t want to ever go back. And I shan’t.

So this is my discovery into the rest of whatever lies ahead of me. Hope you enjoy the trip!


2 thoughts on “Who the Heck Is Aintnomonomo?”

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  2. Lily Ledbetter.

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