Wow. I haven’t posted here in years, have I?

So here’s what’s up:

I found the exmo subreddit, and they are fantastic. I’ve found that my rage at the church comes and goes in ebbs and flows. I’m angry less often, but when I do get angry, I feel like I’m going to boil over.  There’s also a wonderful exmo women sub, which I love even better. I’m very much a feminist, and I love being part of a group of women supporting each other instead of being judgy and dragging other people down.

I’m still working at the same place, although the job titles have changed a few times.

I’m going through a divorce, which is neither easy nor fun.  And here I must apologize for all the times I said or thought that getting divorced is taking the easy way out. Instant karma got me there. I’d been hoping to be able to do it without getting attorneys involved; unfortunately, my ex husband is not of the same mind from one hour to another, much less for the length of time that it would take to get through the waiting period and be free of each other. So I have retained an attorney, and am hoping hard that early 2017 will find me a single woman once again.

And as I’ve been writing this post, I keep seeing all the ex’s in my life. Ex-mormon. Ex-husband. I let the mormon church dictate so much of what I did for so many years. It’s nice to free myself from them and from the bad decisions I made as a result of that influence.

After fighting hard against the necessity of having roommates, I finally gave in. Of course, it helps that both new roommates are friends of mine, one for about 10 years and the other I’ve known for about a year and a half. One has already moved in, and the other is moving in a few months.  It’s remarkably pleasant to be living with someone who actually likes me.

I’m having a metric fucktonne of health issues right now, so between that and the stress of the divorce and money woes juxtaposed against impending freedom and a wonderful support group, my stress is kind of through the roof. Up one day, down the next.  However, this too shall pass and I’ll be a stronger person for it. I hope that I will also be a less judgmental and a far kinder person as well.

I may be back here. I’d kind of forgotten about this blog, but it’s sure nice to check in. Love to you all!!!!!