Someone I virtually met, thanks to Outer Blogness, has set up a get-together in October. I’m really looking forward to it.

My sister and I were talking about it on Saturday. Our social circle used to be almost exclusively through the church. And we each have a few amazing friends, and that’s wonderful. And through theatre, we have another group of amazing friends. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all of my friends/sisters.

Neither of us is ready to go back to a church of any type, even UU, which we’ve agreed is the only one we’d even consider.  So I’m looking forward to much to getting to meet and know some more people. Widening my social circle is a good thing. (Here’s hoping I don’t come off as completely obnoxious, that person that no one wants to be around!!)

In other news, this is my last week in my current job. After thoroughly discussing the events of last Friday with my sister, my husband, and my best friend, and letting all the anger go, I’m ready to make this week super productive. I’m not going to let anyone dictate how I perform at work. I have high standards, and I’m going to keep them, and I’m not going to let anything or anyone persuade me to do less than my best.

Book club Friday night was a blast, even if only two of us actually read the book. I’m already looking forward to next month, and as soon as the book gets announced, I’ll buy my copy and get it read. and hope to goodness I like it better than the one we read for this month (which I must confess I chose).

I’ve been having nightmares about my house work not going on, and it being December and we’re still in the apartment. And I even dreamed last night about the nephew of one of my bff’s (he committed suicide recently). It wasn’t a nightmare, exactly, and I don’t know why I was dreaming about him.

And lastly, I lolled around most of the weekend reading, napping, and watching movies. I saw a couple of really good foreign language films on Netflix streaming. The first was French, La Belle Endormie, a really interesting take on the Sleeping Beauty story. I didn’t care for the ending, but otherwise loved it.  The girl who played Sleeping Beauty as a child was so engaging that one couldn’t help but adore her.  And the other movie was German, The Downfall (Der Untergang), about the last 10 days of Hitler’s life. It was a long-ass movie, and I was sleepy, but it was so compelling that I had to keep watching. I enjoy watching movies from other countries (thank the FSM for subtitles), as I can see the difference in perspectives due to culture.  The actor playing Hitler did a superb job, as did all of the women. The woman playing Traudl Junge (Hitler’s secretary) was just lovely, and brought so much personality to the role. Eva Braun was portrayed as incredibly vivacious, someone who knew exactly what she was getting into (unlike Junge). And Magda Goebbels–wow. The scene where she is murdering her children while her husband sits outside the door, crouching against the wall, was painful, as was the utter contempt she showed for her husband. I definitely recommend the movie if you’re interested in WW II history.