I am really seriously hot under the collar this morning. Well, I would be, if I were wearing a collared shirt. Which I’m not. I’m wearing a Colts tee-shirt. Don’t judge.

Okay. Here’s the deal. I work like a maniac. I type around 150 words per minute. I’m smart. I work hard, and I work fast. My team up until last month consisted of 3 people: the big boss, my boss, and me. Last fall the big boss was out for a couple of months with medical issues. My boss and I managed to get everything done. Then my boss was out for several months early this year, and I managed to get everything done. Notice that “I” there? Instead of “we”? Because the big boss was too busy to be able to do the stuff that my boss and I normally get done.  (That’s not snark–it’s fact; she had previously been my boss and had gotten promoted, and ended up doing a lot of traveling and conference calls.)

Last month we had someone come to our group via load leveling, and while I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and enjoy our chats, it’s made my life at work incredibly tedious, because I am fully capable of doing all of the testing myself, and my boss has helped some despite being on conference calls and other projects. So having another person to lighten my load was frustrating.

In the course of our conversations, I learned that I’m doing the work of an analyst (the next step up from my current position), but only getting paid for my current position. The big boss told me a couple of times that she tried to get approval to promote me, but was never able to make it happen. She told me that she told her boss that they were going to lose me if they didn’t promote me. Well, they didn’t, and they lost me. I’ve got one more week in this position. I took a lateral transfer because I can’t get a promotion from the position I’m in. I’m looking forward to learning a new process, and I know that going to it from having worked quality assurance and operational controls will be a huge asset to my new group.  I beat out over 60 people to get this job, and they even upgraded it a level so that I wouldn’t be taking a demotion to move to the new team.

So here’s why I’m hot under my non-existent collar this morning. The big boss let me know that since I’m leaving, she has gotten approval to replace me with an analyst. She said I wouldn’t have qualified for it, so don’t feel bad. (I don’t feel bad. I’m angry, for the record.)  So I can do the work of an analyst. I can do by myself the work that used to take 3 people to do. But for whatever reason, I couldn’t qualify to get the position and the pay.


Most times when I have left a job, it has taken at least a person and a half to replace me. Since there aren’t too many half people walking around, then we can say it took one full-time person and at least one part-time person. Or two full-time people, depending on how they work and how they learn.

When I leave this group, they’re going to realise just how much I actually accomplished. Getting verbal praise is all nice and good and everything, but dude, show me the money.

And you know what pisses me off even more?  About 15 minutes before the big boss told me about the analyst position, she’d said, “It’s not too late to change your mind!”